Husband Birthday Cake

One of those ideas…

Husband has a thing for bright colours, and when his birthday came round one year, I elected to attempt something that had been doing the rounds on social media for a little while at the time: The Rainbow Cake. There are approximately 8 million recipes, videos and links on Google, and for the life of me, I can’t remember which one I used. But, the BBC Good Food website has a pretty decent one, not in cups and fluid ounces for once too!


Lots of maths came into this, doublingrainbowcake_5 the recipe and then dividing it up into 7 portions, before colouring each one with jel food colourings. The jel colour makes a much nicer and brighter cake, without making the cake wetter. Each layer was frozen after production, it made it easier to handle and stick together in towers. The best adhesive being cream cheese icing, the bright white contrasts much better with the bright colours.

To cover the scruffy layers of cake, and because my icing is pretty rubbish, I covered the top with a rainbow of smarties turned sideways and the edges with Matchmakers.

rainbowcake_4The irritating little gap got filled with green smarties, turned flat and glued down. The cake had a long journey ahead of it as we took it on a cycling weekend (albeit in the car first rather than on the bike)

And here it is, sliced and ready to be eaten. Amazinglyrainbowcake_1 it traveled well, no avalanches in the icing, and tasted pretty damn good too.

In fact, it worked so well, that we used the same idea when the lovely Stewart offered to make our wedding cake – the top tier was a rainbow cake.