Wedding the 1st

The Bunting Wedding

wedding t l 4This was rather the wedding of the bunting in some ways, once the bride choose the colours in navy, coral and cream, it was all systems go. Although coral rapidly turned out to the devils own colour to match! I made tiny little bunts out of triangles of card and paper (cut with a diamond punch and cut in half), before threading them onto gold thread. Miles of the stuff, we put it on the invitations, table plans….. It took rather a long time to make enough…

wedding t l 5The bigger bunting was made up of lengths of paracord and triangles cut out of former pairs of pajamers, with pinking shears to stop them from fraying. Each triangle was lined up on the short side, turned over the cord and the edge sewn down with the zig zag setting on my sewing machine. I tried to keep a repeating pattern in each strand, which was slightly scuppered by the random source of fabric! These lengths found themselves hung up outside the main marque, in the drinks marquee, and painstaking folded the day after the wedding by a variety of patient relatives.

Wedding Stationarywedding t l 3

inviteThese were simple and stylish, navy card, with creamy paper and lots of the little bunting strings mentioned earlier. The picture on the right shows an invitation, tided shut with coral ribbon. For the table plan, the bride found the lovely frame in the picture, and themed all the tables by models of car previously owned by her and the groom. The table plan cards were clipped into place, and the frame kinda flown from the marquee walls with strands of ribbon.

Very Hungry Cheese Tower

The groom has a slight massive thing for the Very Hungry Caterpillar, this hadn’t really entered into the wedding planning. Until they discussed the decorations for their wedding cake (a series of wheels of cheese, stacked up in the style of a tiered wedding cake. The wheels were festooned with greenery, grapes, cherrys and little models of things the bride and groom liked. vhc icingIncluding this little chap, marching across the cake. He’s made out of fondant icing, with different proportions of green, brown and yellow food colouring rolled into the body segments to make them the marbled green (with much reference to the original story). It was held together with lots of little sticks of dried spaghetti holding him together (we kept loosing his legs). The spines shown in the original artwork are blue, red and yellow, and thankfully, a local hardware shop had just the right sort of edible glitter.


wedding t l 2The final touches

The final days before the wedding we strung up the beautiful ebay bunting (now on its forth(?) wedding), covered the tables with hired clothes and got the chairs from our neighbor uncovered. The tables were dressed with navy wedding t l 6gauze table runners, coral ribbon and sparkly pearls (maid of honor was sooo pleased to have to turn all of these the right way up!) and laid for afternoon tea.

Table numbers were held in the flower arrangements (using a collection of vintage milk jugs) with lengths of dowel, tied onto vintage clothes pegs, with organza ribbon with a little paper cream rose. Overall, the marquee looked stunning by the end of the day before the wedding and we were ready for the day ahead.

wedding t l 1